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NEW! Perspectives on Brain Injury for the Caregiver 2013: The series continues with more informative videos for caregivers.

Perspectives on Brain Injury For the Caregiver 2012:  A series of videos especially for caregivers recorded at Camp TBI 2012.

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10 Tips For Caregivers: This page is part of the Information for Newly Injured Patients package (above). Essential tips for caregivers.

Brain Injury, A Family Guide - English    (Spanish)   43-page booklet briefly describes the nature, consequences, and phases of recovery from a brain injury. Suitable for moderate to severe injuries in early weeks post injury or when patient remains in coma-like state for extended period of time.

Challenges Changes Choices: A Brain Injury Guide for Families and Caregivers - This booklet, written by Carolyn Rocchio, founder of Brain Injury Association of Florida, contains information to prepare caregivers for the journey towards recovery.  Topics include The Immediate Aftermath, The Rehabilitation Phase, Returning to Work, Public Programs to Pay for Health Services and Become and Advocate.

Creating a Personal Career Plan  41-page booklet about career development and an employment guide for individuals with traumatic brain injury.

How to Choose a Service Provider:  a series of checklists to help the family and caregiver choose the best possible service provider for their loved one who has sustained a TBI.  Included in the series are How To Choose:  Inpatient Rehabilitation, a Nursing Home, a Neuropsycologist, Neuropsychiatrist, Outpatient Rehabilitation, a Day Program, a Long-Term Residential Facility and a Primary Care Physician.

 Making Life Work After Brain Injury - A Family Guide for Life at Home  46-page manual designed to help make the transition from the rehabilitation facility to home, and to assist family members in managing cognitive and behavioral changes that often occur with TBI. Videos feature three families with severely injured members who discuss how they’ve used structure, repetition and consistency to help the recovery process continue.  Excellent for group discussion as well as individual family interaction and planning.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - A Mind Numbing Experience 12-page booklet gives an overview of the experience of minor brain injury and answers to commonly asked questions. Appropriate when there is loss of consciousness of 30 minutes or less and problems that remain unresolved after 3–6 weeks.

Vocational Readiness Manual for Families  47-page booklet contains a home program for persons with traumatic brain injury.

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A Consumer's Guide for Selecting Appropriate Legal, Medical, and Rehabilitation Professionals After Brain Injury (2003) 16-page booklet designed to help families traverse the maze to find qualified professional service providers.

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