TBI and Domestic Violence


In 2010 BIAF joined with the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (www.fcadv.org) and the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities to create a multi-disciplinary collaboration with a three-year mission.  This project will conduct a needs assessment and create a strategic plan that would introduce a systemic, statewide, and local response to the demand for services for domestic violence survivors living with a brain injury.  Implementation of the plan will proceed at several local shelters and BIAF offices.

Domestic violence and brain injury service providers are uniquely aware of the intersection between brain injury and the perpetration of intimate partner violence.  Batterers seldom assault their partners only once, and victims often sustain repeated injuries. For instance, one study of women in three domestic violence shelters found that 92 percent had been hit in the head by their partners, most more than once.

For more information about the link between traumatic brain injury and domestic violence see below:

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