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Find answers to the following questions:
• How Can I Recognize a Possible Concussion?
• What Should I Do if I Suspect an Athlete Has a Concussion?
• How Can I Help Prevent or Prepare for Concussions?

More CDC Resources on Concussion


Below are more links to information about concussion and sports:

Concussion Toolkit includes guidelines and tips for parents, teachers, student-athletes, and coaches about their role in helping a concussed athlete make a full recovery in the classroom, as well as in their sport.

University of South Florida Concussion Center All about concussion & sports.

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) has dedicated a section of its website to sports-related brain injuries, including prevention tips, comprehensive definitions related to sport-related injuries and information about rule changes in college football.

The Athlete's Brain: A support network for athletes who have sustained concussions at any level of physical activity. 

Concussion in Sports: Minimizing the Risk for Complications
DAVID S. KUSHNER, M.D., University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, FL

Sports Concussion Education Campaign By National Athletic Trainers' Assocation and National Academy of Neuropsychology

Heading For Trouble: Read personal accounts written by female athletes about their experiences with concussion in ESPN Online Magazine:
Personal Account 1
   Personal Account 2    Personal Account 3
Personal Account 4  Personal Account 5

Ideas for Good Learn about new technology Toyota is developing to prevent head injuries in sports.

N.F.L. to Shift in Its Handling of Concussions In a shift in the National Football League’s approach to handling concussions, the league will soon require teams to receive advice from independent neurologists while treating players with brain injuries. New York Times article

Read the Nov 2009 ESPN article: Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a wide-ranging memo about concussions to NFL teams Tuesday, saying the co-chairmen of the league's committee on brain injuries have resigned and that he is examining potential rules changes "to reduce head impacts."

Traumatic Brain Injury - Football, Warfare, and Long-Tern Effects
Downloaded from New England Journal of Medicine,, on September 28, 2010.

Brain Injury Association of America

Think First! - National Injury Prevention Foundation:
For Kids (6-8)
For Youth (9-12)
For Teens

Concussions Put College Players in Murky World,  Alan Schwartz , New York Times

See a video on concussion for college athletes developed by the NCAA

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