Learning About Traumatic Brain Injury - The Silent Epidemic

 Learnng About TBI
This 30-minute basic course uses clips from the Faces of Brain Injury video with first-hand accounts of how lives are changed by brain injury. Covers basic traumatic br ai in injury terminology, types and common causes, and explores physical, cognitive and  psycho-social effects. Information on resources and agencies providing  services in Florida for people with TBI is covered as well. The video is suitable for self-study and works hop settini gs, or fo r anyone wishing to become familiar with TBI.

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Traumatic Brain Injury - A Disability Often in Disguise

Disability in Disguise

A Self-Study Course for Educators

This is a self-study course for educators to raise awareness of the incidence and effects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in school, and to provide information and strategies to help teachers who are facing the unique challenges of educating students with TBI. The course takes approximately one hour to complete.

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Project L.E.A.P. - Law Enforcers as Partners (With Individuals With TBI)

Project LEAP

This new edition of our self-study course for law officers gives officers a basic understanding of brain injury and provides video demonstrations of how to recognize and manage encounters with people who have brain injuries.  Includes a list of common medications prescribed for people with TBI and practice in using the S.A.R.A. Community Policing model.  Appropriate for all police, sheriff and highway patrol departments.

This course is being updated.  Please check back or call our Helpline at 800-992-3442 for more information.



Faces of Brain Injury  

Faces of Brain Injury

This 8-minute video highlights the real-life experiences of people who have sustained a brain injury. Individuals of all ages, races, genders and economic backgrounds come together to speak about brain injury and living with the long term consequences. 

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Making Life Work: A Family Guide to Life at Home

46-page manual designed to help make the transition from rehabilitation factility to home, and to assist family members manage cognitive and behavioral changes that often occur with TBI, and videos featuring hree families with severely injured members discussing how they’ve used structure, repetition and consistency to help the recovery process continue.  Excellent for group discussion as well as individual family interaction and planning.

Learning About TBI: Signs, Symptoms & Resources

 (Home Study Course for Nurses, approx. 70 min.)


Experience Brain Injury: Patient Education Video

 14-minute video designed for nurses who provide patient education in their primary care settings. (Companion video to Learning About Traumatic Brain Injury: Signs, Symptoms & Resources)

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