Be HeadSmart®, Seniors!

seniors at the pianoAs Florida's senior community continues to grow, so does the need to educate older Floridians about the risks and consequences of brain injury and how to prevent debilitating injuries that can significantly impair one's ability to enjoy an independent lifestyle.  The Be HeadSmart Seniors Safety Checklist contains over 40 safety tips seniors can use to help identify potential improvements they can make in their homes and healthcare habits. The checklist is printed in large type, and organized to be convenient and user-friendly.

One in three Americans over age 65 falls each year.
  • 60% of these falls occur at home.
  • Falls are the #1 cause of brain injury in adults age 60 and up.
  • Car crashes are a close second.
  • Prevention is the only cure for traumatic brain injury.
  • Most brain injuries can be prevented.


Be HeadSmart®, Seniors! Safety Checklist brochure (pdf)

Be HeadSmart®, Seniors! Safety Checklist brochure (Spanish)

Headsmartz is a health/safety presentation that incorporates animation, audio and video clips to create the atmosphere of a live TV-studio game show. By the time the trivia questions turn to the more serious subject of brain injury, players and audience have enjoyed an entertaining mental workout and are primed to absorb important information about TBI (traumatic brain injury) and how they can reduce their risk of serious injury. HeadSmartz events are free of charge for seniors centers and groups of 40+ seniors and/or caregivers throughout the State of Florida. However, due to popular demand, there may be a waiting period.

For information about HeadSmartz, or to schedule a HeadSmartz event, call 800-992-3442 or email

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