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Helmutt's job at BIAF is to teach people about traumatic brain injuries and how to prevent them. Helmutt appears on many of our brochures and promotional items and he works tirelessly to tell Floridians of all ages how wearing a helmet can save your life. You can borrow our popular Helmutt costume free of charge - you just pay for shipping. Call 800-992-3442 or download Helmutt forms and brochures below.

Helmutt Event Form

Helmutt Inventory Form

Helmutt Maintenance Form

Helmutt Ice Vest Instructions

Helmutt's Helpful Hints and Dog-A-Log: Helpful hints for using the Helmutt costume and escorting Helmutt at events for children. Please be sure to read this before your event!

Below are BIAF brochures and videos about bicycle helmet safety:

How to Fit and Wear Your Bicycle Helmet Brochure - English   (Spanish)
A properly fitted helmet maximizes protection and minimizes injury. The companion video features kids showing kids how to make their helmets fit right!

How To Fit and Wear Your Bicycle Helmet - Video
Learn how a properly fitted helmet maximizes protection and minimizes injury.

Because I Love You brochure - English   (Spanish)
Each brochure comes with a set of crayons and a place for kids to create their own message telling the adults in their lives that they should wear helmets, too.

Bicycle Helmets: A Crash Course
This video shows the importance of bicycle helmets.


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