I.M. Brainy


The I.M. Brainy Bear is approximately 36 inches tall, wears a helmet, and is very appealing to children of all ages. The puppet was developed by the Brain Injury Association of America in connection with the I.M. Brainy - R You? Project. This curriculum is suitable for children ages 4-6.

The I.M. Brainy Curriculum
The curriculum includes coloring & activity sheets, creative follow up & additional activities. The program is flexible enough to use in a variety of environments, incorporating interactive media to convey important safety messages about brain and injury prevention, motor vehicle and pedestrian safety, and sports helmet safety. A special Reader’s Theater script is also included so that older students can get involved by putting on a “play “ for the young ones.

Download the I.M. Brainy Awareness and Prevention Kit.

The Possibilities Are Endless
I.M. Brainy has been successfully used pre-schools, traditional classrooms, health fairs, after-school programs, pediatric hospitals, PALS (Police Athletic Leagues), and churches. The curriculum is available in English and Spanish.

How to Borrow the Puppet For Your Safety Program
Schools, teachers and other people or agencies who deliver safety messages can borrow the puppet at no charge, except the cost of shipping and handling. Please allow at least 20 days for processing and shipment. Average shipping costs within Florida are $15.00 each way. Click on the link below to download the request form. For more information, please call 800-992-3442

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