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Medicare is a federal health insurance plan for people who are age 65 or older as well as people who are disabled at any age. People who already are receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits automatically will be enrolled in Medicare and do not need to complete an online application.

Learn more about applying for Social Security Disability Benefits.

Medicaid is a state-run health insurance program, partially funded by the Federal Government. It helps many people who cannot afford medical care pay for some or all of their medical bills. Medicaid is available to people and families who have limited income and resources. Florida residents who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are automatically eligible for Medicaid coverage from the Social Security Administration. Call 1-866-76ACCESS (1-866-762-2237) or TTY Users may call 1-877-486-2048 for more information.

"Are Your Disabled and Applying for Medicaid" Brochure    Spanish     Creole

Learn More About - Apply for Florida Medicaid

Additional information about Medicaid is available here: Florida Agency For Health Care Administration

Individuals who are not eligible for "full" Medicaid because their income or assets are over the Medicaid program limits may qualify for the Medically Needy program. Individuals enrolled in Medically Needy must have a certain amount of medical bills each month before Medicaid can be approved. Medically Need Brochure

The Foundation for Health Coverage Education offers an Uninsured Helpline: 800-234-1317, and information on health care options, including the Florida Health Care Options Matrix™ Guide.

Supports & Services Brochure is a reference guide to services offered under the State of Florida Agency for Persons With Disabilities (APD) Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers.

Florida Discount Drug Program designed to lower the cost of prescriptions for all Florida residents.  As long as you are a Florida resident, you qualify. For more information regarding the Florida Discount Drug Card, Call 1-866-341-8894 (TTY Users may call 1-866-763-9630).

The US Department of Health & Human Services offers the Partnership for Prescription Assistance which helps qualifiying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medications they need.

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