Family Support & Advocacy Network


BIAF is undertaking to create a plan to develop Florida's first TBI Family to Family Support and Advocacy Network.  Implementation of this plan is expected to begin in July 2011.

The TBI Family to Family Support and Advocacy Network will consist of Survivors, Family Members and Caregivers who are able to speak to community leaders, policy makers and others about the needs of Survivors and their families.



Preliminary goals for this network include:

  • Enabling families to foster understanding and acceptance about TBI and reduce the stigma associated with it through meeting and speaking with community leaders.
  • Enabling families to conduct outreach, awareness, and prevention activities in their communities to gain greater visibility.
  • Empowering families to understand and participate in the legislative process.
  • Enriching families understanding of balancing their own needs and those of the Survivor they care for.


As this plan develops BIAF will research family programs and best practice models used by both TBI and other disability groups and will use data gathered in 2010 via BIAF’s Caregiver Needs Assessment and 2005’s TBI Statewide Strategic Plan.

If you are interested in volunteering to participate in this ground-breaking work, please call our Helpline at 800-992-3442 or email

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